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Elain Colorist was established in 2004 in the United States, and it has gained popularity with make up artists and beauty industry professionals in Hollywood. Our vision is to offer trendy colors, quality ingredients, innovative packaging design, and easy application. Elain Colorist creative team viewed cosmetics as an art and created this stylish cosmetic line with passion, heart and soul. We believe beauty is created by integrating the look and special feminine feel of fashion. No matter if the style is vibrant, has dramatic color intensity or is a more subtle form of expression, Elain Colorist is the bridge to make the connection between the inner soul and individual style.Beauty evokes the most inner passion of each woman. Elain Colorist helps each woman create the powerful emotions of sensuality and sexuality, and construct the image to give her emotional power to create her own uniqueness.

Elain Colorist was inspired by artist's visionary nature and gives it an expressionistic quality. Elain Colorist helps each woman experience different sensations of colors and share the joy of being her own star!

Elain means "Shining Light" which represents the woman who is independent, sophisticated, energetic, and charming from the heart.There is no rule to beauty, no age limits to fashion. Elain girls enjoy being themselves as their own stars!. Elain is trend with an edge that reveals the inner most stylish femininity that is both playful and class. Elain products are made from finest ingredients, innovative design and multi-functions

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