About Elain
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Brand Background

Elain Colorist, established in 2004 in the United States, has gained popularity with Hollywood make up artists and beauty industry professionals. Our vision is to offer user friendly products in trendy colors with quality ingredients and innovative packaging design.

The Elain Colorist Team views makeup as an art and has created a stylish cosmetic line with passion, heart and soul. We believe beauty is created by integrating the feminine look and feel of fashion. No matter if your style is vibrant, dramatic or subtle, Elain Colorist is the bridge to connect your soul to your individual style.

Mission ~ Be your own star!

Beauty inspires the deep inner passion of each woman. Elain Colorist will help you create the powerful emotions of sensuality and glamour that will enable you to express your own uniqueness.

Elain Colorist is influenced by art and by an artist's visionary nature. Elain Colorist enables every woman to become her own artist. We believe that integrating femininity with passion creates beauty. Great beauty is found in simple composition and a sense of delight. Every woman has the power to express her own extraordinary beauty, which glows from within. Elain Colorist will help each woman connect with this inner beauty so she can share the joy of being her own star!

“Perhaps my art is the art of a lunatic, I thought, mere glittering quicksilver, a blue soul breaking in upon my pictures...” Marc Chagall


Elain means “Shining Light”, which is every woman’s desire. Elain represents women who are independent, sophisticated, energetic, and charming from the heart.

Trendy without boundaries
Elain is a trend line with an edge that reveals your inner most style with fun and class. There are no rules to beauty, no age limits to fashion. Elain girls enjoy being themselves by being their own stars!

Beauty is power — Elain is the secret
Beauty empowers an individuals characteristics, which carries energy to the world. The heart of Elain is "Vitality, Charm and Elegance." Elain meets a woman's desire for an enhanced personal image and a boost of self-confidence. At Elain we are committed to product integrity by using only the highest quality ingredients. Experience Elain Colorist's variety of trendy colors, enjoy our innovative packaging and express your Elain beauty!

Love is a women’s best cosmetic — Elain makes it glow
We believe that true beauty comes from the heart. Elain will be the tool that brings out the true beauty of the human spirit. The heart of Elain helps to convey the true uniqueness of every woman so she can glow.