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Q: How do I achieve a smoky eye?
Line the upper and lower lash line with Duet Eyeliner pencil in Black. Using a dark shadow, like Violet Star Catch Me Star Powder, softly retrace the lash line and blend outward, fading the color as you near your crease. Highlight the brow bone with a color like Silver Star Catch Me Star Powder. Curl your lashes, prime them with a primer and apply 2 coats of black mascara.
Q: Which is the best to use for eyeliner - pencil or liquid?
They each have their purpose. For a soft daytime look, use pencil applied close to the upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner. For greater definition and drama, use the liquid liner right over the top of the pencil. We have a unique 2 in 1 design in our Duet Eyeliner that gives you both options in one package.
Q: I don’t wear a lot of makeup but really would like to try wearing eyeshadow. Where do I start?
Eyeshadow is a wonderful accessory for anyone. Apply a sheer wash of color across your lid with our Sparkle Stick. This easy step will brighten and enhance your eyes without overdoing it. You can always add more color if you so desire.
Q: I always wear black eyeliner and want to try something different, what other colors could I wear?
If you have brown eyes, try a dark blue to accentuate the orange undertone in your eyes. If your eyes are green, try a purple to make them pop. If your eyes are blue, try brown or silver for a change of pace.
Q: How can I get my eyeshadow to stay on all day?
By using a primer first to create a barrier between your lid and the shadow. Try using one of our Sparkle Sticks in a light color all over the lid just before applying your powder shadow. Your shadow color will grab better and stay on all day.
Q: I’ve never done anything with my eyebrows. Do I need to?
Consider your eyebrows the frame for your eyes. They showcase your eyes so a little maintenance can go a long way. Use our Duet Eyebrow pencil to lightly pencil in small, soft strokes to define the brow shape. Next use the brow mascara to set the brow to keeps it’s shape all day.
Q: My eyelashes aren’t very long. What can I do to make them look longer?
First, curl them gently from the base of your lashes, slowly “walking” the curler toward your lash tips pumping and squeezing it as you go. Next use a lash primer before the mascara to help add volume. Our Luscious Lashes has a primer with tiny fibers to create fullness while the mascara adds length.
Q: My skin is dry and I don’t like looking so matte. What can I do to avoid looking so dry?
Skin care first! Cleanse and moisturize regularly to help the skin stay moisturized and healthy. Use liquid foundation as needed, skip the powder, and highlight your cheekbones, temples, forehead, and bridge of your nose with a subtle shimmer powder like Gold Beam Powder to create a soft glow.
Q: Lip gloss is popular but my lips are very full, won’t gloss make them look too big?
Not if you use a gloss with a richer or deeper color like Bijou Beam Glam. The richer color minimizes fullness while the shine enhances the natural contours of your lips.
Q: I’ve wanted to try blush but I don’t know how to put it on. How can I wear it without looking overly made up?
Our Chic Blush is a boilable color blush. Using the included brush, lightly sweep the color over your cheekbones, temples, forehead, and chin. This makes your face looks like it has a natural glow coming from within. If you want more color, just repeat these steps where the color is needed. Avoid pressing the brush into your cheek and dragging the color back and forth in a straight line.